New Security Platforms Help Dig Out CyberVillains From Your Company Networks

Remember the days when a simple firewall and anti-virus software protected a corporate network?  Unfortunately, to thwart today’s computer villains (often sponsored by foreign governments), companies may require a more “James Bond” type of defense.  For this reason, investors have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into advanced cybersecurity platforms – betting that businesses will […]

Who is Watching You When You BYOD?

With all the news lately regarding the NSA’s surveillance program, it is not surprising that people are concerned, and even a little apprehensive, regarding what information others can view on their personal electronic devices.  With the recent surge of BYOD, the clash between personal and corporate data is even more apparent.  But what can an […]

A Checklist for Corporate Directors and the C-Suite: Data Privacy and Security Oversight

My colleague Steve Helland and I were talking this week about data privacy and security at a meeting of the firm’s Privacy group.  Steve chairs the firm’s  Internet, Technology & E-Commerce group and he recently co-chaired a full day conference Data Privacy and Security for In-House Counsel for the Minnesota State Bar Association.  Our group discussed Steve’s […]

A Digital Nightmare Come True

Do you worry about the security of your online life, but never take any action?  For example, you know that you shouldn’t use the same password for your email accounts that you use for your online banking, but for whatever reason you can’t quite bring yourself to make the change?  Well, you’re not alone, but […]

IBM’s Plan to Manage Smart Phone Security Issues – Not Just About “Is Siri an Apple Spy?”

About a month ago, online media outlets were all aflutter about IBM’s demand that its employees turn off Siri on their iPhones.  IBM feared that the iPhone’s voice-activated assistant, “who” uploads your queries and user data to Apple’s servers, could reveal confidential or sensitive business information.  While I agree this is a potential problem, and […]

Dual Personality – In A Smartphone?

In a series of related posts in June 2011, So You Let Your Employees Use Smartphones For Work? Are You Being Smart About It?, Are You A Security Threat To Your Mobile Device? and  And Yet Another Security Risk to Mobile Devices … Malware, we discussed a myriad of security issues related to employees’ personal use of work-provided […]