Today’s workplace has one constant—change. The technologies used to communicate, store information, and perform work are continually evolving, presenting companies with new legal challenges at every turn. Our focus and passion for the past several years has been helping companies navigate these challenges and protect their most important assets: their brand, culture, and sensitive company information. We decided that it was time to have a broader dialogue about the legal challenges technology presents to the modern workplace and to take that discussion online.

Our goal is to keep you informed on current events, developments in the law, and the ever-changing landscape of technology in the workplace. In fostering discussion on these topics, we hope to help increase our collective understanding on how best to address the challenges faced where the workplace, law, and technology meet.

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Meet Teresa

Teresa ThompsonAs the Chair of Fredrikson & Byron’s Trade Secret and Non-Competes Groups, my practice has increasingly focused on issues arising from the impact of technology use in the workplace – both in my work advising clients on trade secret protection and social media, and when litigating employment and non-compete disputes. I work with clients in many industries, including health care, mental health, disability and aging services, IT consulting, staffing, education, and manufacturing. Each of these industries is impacted in some way by the ever-increasing reliance on technology by employees in their personal and professional lives.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending down time with my two children and husband, cooking with good friends, skiing or hiking in the Colorado mountains, and savoring good wine and coffee.

Meet Norah

Norah Olson BluvshteinAs an employment law shareholder at Fredrikson & Byron, almost every employee issue I handle for clients relates in some way to employee use (or misuse) of technology. This is true whether I am advising clients on how to prevent theft of trade secret information or how to discipline or terminate an employee because of their social media activity. Just as in our personal lives, technology impacts every aspect of employees’ work lives. And the law is only starting to catch up.

Outside of my work as an attorney, I am a busy mother of two, a Wisconsin native, and an avid cook and gardener.

Meet Sten

Sten-Erik HoidalAs a shareholder in Fredrikson & Byron’s Business Litigation department specializing in data protection, a key part of my practice is helping clients prevent, identify, and respond to data theft. To that end, I utilize a “litigator’s perspective” to assist clients in developing robust data protection practices that help minimize the risk of data theft while placing my clients in the best position for litigation in the event of such theft. Should data theft occur, I represent clients in court proceedings to recover the stolen information and hold the offending party accountable.

After a stint as a lawyer in New York City, I returned to Minneapolis and happily set down roots. I now spend my time outside of the office chasing around an active four-year old—preferably in the outdoors.

Meet David

David WaytzAs a former security analyst, I have a unique perspective on the threats that companies face from both internal and external forces. Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked in defense consulting, assisting the United States Department of Homeland Security and intelligence community. As a lawyer, my practice focuses on trade secret protection, risk mitigation, and employment litigation. Within this practice, I leverage my security background to protect my clients and to prevent threats before they occur.

After several years on the east coast, I am happy to be back in south Minneapolis. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my wife and daughter.